Abacos, Bahamas

Great Abaco, one of the larger islands of the Bahamas, and many smaller nearby islands are collectively known as the Abacos. The main attractions of the Abacos include a string of small islands with quaint loyalist settlements, uninhabited islands with sandy beaches, an extensive barrier reef, and Blue Holes.

Coconut palms Elbow Cay Abacos Bahamas
Idyllic spot for a hammock

Small Islands

A string of
small islands, or cays, lines the barrier reef across the Sea of Abaco from the northeastern edge of Great Abaco. Many of the uninhabited islands have pristine sandy beaches, and offer wonderful beach combing and solitude. Good snorkeling can be found just off many of the islands.

Beach at Manjack (Nunjack) Cay, Abacos
Beach at Manjack (Nunjack) Cay, Abacos

Loyalist Settlements

Some of these
small islands, or cays, contain loyalist settlements, established by loyalists and their slaves fleeing the revolutionary War. These quaint settlements are reminiscent of New England. Accommodations, boat, and golf cart rental are plentiful, and these small islands make good bases for exploring the uninhabited small islands nearby.

Hope Town on Elbow Cay, Abacos
Hope Town on Elbow Cay, Abacos

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